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The season for road trips is upon us. Unfortunately, not every canine enjoys a trip in the car. Dogs suffer from motion sickness just like us and it could be affecting your pet. There are signs to look for such as:

Dry heaving Whining
Yawning Vomiting
Excessive lip licking Restlessness
Drooling Inactivity
Pacing Shaking

If your dog is suffering from the above symptoms, first talk to us to rule out any other cause. If we assess that the signs are due motion sickness, we offer a medication that alleviates the symptoms and prevents vomiting due to motion sickness.

REMEMBER to make frequent stops, especially if traveling long distances, so your dog can relieve itself, drink water and exercise. Try to maintain your pet’s feeding and exercise schedule as much as possible during your trip to reduce any anxiety they may feel about being away from home. To make your trip as comfortable for your pet as possible, Click Here for a travel checklist to use on your next road trip. 

REMEMBER to have fun!